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Inspired by True/False Film Fest ’12

It’s been a while since my last post. Even if there are a lot of things to talk about I just could not have time to write here.

This weekend happened something really good which changed completely the town and I really want to talk about it.

From March 1st to 4th we had True/False Film Fest and it has been an amazing experience for me. True/False is a documentary film fest which takes place in Columbia, Missouri every year. I worked as volunteer and I have seen 8 films. All of them were really good. Actually while I was watching the films I was like “this is the best among all the films I have seen at the fest”, but  I just repeated the same sentence almost for all films I have seen. Another good thing of the fest was that the audience had chance to see the director of the films. Only the director of the Island President made a Skype conference with us but all the others were present during the fest. They organized a lot of panels, conferences and parties too. They even organized a special party for the volunteers. We were 700 volunteers!

This fest made me want to make documentary films so bad! Actually you know what I have some stories to talk about 😉

The trailers of films I have seen:

The Ambassador


The Island President

Searching for Sugar Man: I could not find the trailer.


How to Survive a Plague?: I could not find the trailer.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

1/2 Revolution

And here, there are videos from the fest published on the website of True/False.

First Day

Second Day

Third Day

Fourth Day

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