Mizzou Family Weekend

This weekend is Family Weekend at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Families come and see the campus and their children. It is really different from Turkey and Italy where the families are not that involved in the university life of their children. Here in the US it is like a tradition. The families come and bring gifts to their children, then go and eat something and visit the campus. University of Missouri-Columbia is one of the biggest universities in the Midwest so there are a lot of parents who are graduated from the University of Missouri for this reason you can see a lot parents wearing Mizzou Mom or Mizzou Dad t-shirts. Today at 6 pm there is a football match so some families are already tailgating with their children and with their friends whose children study here, too. It is such a different for me seeing a lot of families around. Actually in Italy and Turkey, especially in Turkey the families are usually involved in their children’s life in an exaggerated way but, strangely, not in this case..


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