Overseas, I really like this word.. It reminds me the smell and the sound of the sea and it reminds me how far away I am from Istanbul and Bologna. It is a different sensation of freedom..

My overseas adventure started on August 14th actually. I went from DC to Kansas City and then to Columbia where my university is. The first day that I came to campus I had a really good impression. The campus seemed me like a holiday resort. The outdoor swimming pool, green areas, a lot of dining halls which offer unlimited food, the student center which seems like a mall were the components of this holiday resort for me (but now,after the classes started, I have to say that it is not a holiday resort at all cause I don’t have even time to go to the gym or to the swimming pool in these days).  So, I arrived to MU (Mizzou, the nickname of the University of Missouri-Columbia) Emily (advisor for the international students) welcomed me and then April (a volunteer for the international students’ welcome organization) showed me my dorm.

My dorm is really good, it is close to everywhere; the gym and the swimming pools (we have 3 of them) are just 2 minute walk. I can wake up only 15 mins before my classes. The other good thing is, there are a lot of international students in the dorm. I know more international student then the americans. I had the same situation in Italy,too. I used to know more international students and people from other parts of Italy then from Bologna.

Going back to my first day in Columbia, the International Center which had organized all the documents for our arrival from very beginning , organized also our first week in Columbia. I have to say that they are really really good at organization. They took all of the international students to Shakespeare’s Pizza where I met my new friends. We had unlimited pizza and soda for free. (I lived in Italy 5 years so I can say that pizza and pasta in the US are not the best but Shakespeare’s Pizza is acceptable).

After the meeting I made a little tour of the down town with two new friends and then returned back to dorm. I was really tired but very excited for the future days which were waiting for me!!


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