Travel Notes, Chapter 1: From Istanbul to Washington DC

On August 9th, wow it is exactly one month, I flew from Istanbul to Washington Dc where my mother’s cousins live. This was the second time that I was leaving home. (the first time was in 2006 when I went to Bologna for the university). Since this was the second time it was much easier for me, of course I have been sad when I left my family but then I didn’t think so much while I have been so sad the first time that I left. My flight lasted 11 hours 35 mins but it was not bad at all. I slept for most it so I didn’t even realize how 11 hours and 35 min passed. When I arrived to Dulles International Airport everything was so similar, they were announcing even in Italian so I didn’t feel strange. After that I passed the passport control and went out. I saw my mother’s cousin (actually I have not seen him for a long time so we had to call each other on phone to recognize) and he brought me to their home. While we were going to Virginia I was looking from the window of the car and try not to miss nothing.

It was still weird because I didn’t feel myself as a stranger. I mean, yes everything which I was surrounded by was different, but I felt myself as I already know this place. I don’t know if it is because I have watched a lot American TV shows and films..While I was looking around I immediately noticed that everything is big in this country, buildings, cars, roads… When we arrived to the neighborhood where my mother’s cousins live I felt myself like in the films cause they have this big house (they call it White House :P) in an almost forest where you can see even the deers!!

I have spent there almost a week and it was awesome. They brought me to really good restaurants, to the mall, to huge markets where they sell huge products. For example do you want to buy some Coffee-mate? Ok cool, you have to buy 2.5kg of it while in Europe I haven’t seen them more then 250g. Thanks to trips like this I could see the daily life.

By the way I was talking about Washington DC, that city is really incredible. It is beautifuuuuul. It is so organized, it is chic, safety, there are a lot of stores and museums!! When you walk around you feel really good. I saw the White House but you see it from very far away. I really loved the 6th-14th Streets and the China Town. You can ask information everywhere and people are so kind, too. I was looking at the map an old lady saw me and asked me if she could help me. It was really nice of her. The metro line is really good too but I think it is better to walk in DC and see around, the streets are pretty plain so it is easy to walk around. I think I would live in Washington DC!!!


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